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Pan de Luna is not a commercial business, it is a name for some activites with friends and visitors at my home in Pueblo Sacbe.

Pizza Performance Art Workshop
Sundays 3:00 to 5:00 pm

How does it work?
1. The limit at this popular event is 20 people, so confirm your reservation for the number of people in your group before Friday. WhatsApp 984 877 9718
2. On Saturday we start to prepare bread and pizza dough at 12:00 pm.
3. Participants arrive by 3:00 pm on Sunday, bringing a creative assortment of drinks and ingredients for their pizza art. Costumes and musical instruments are optional. Some people come early to explore or hang out. The first pizza goes into the very hot 1,000F wood-fired oven at 3:00 pm. We don't wait if you're late.
4. Participants perform their roles and consume the results until no more is possible.
5. Then the hot coals are removed from the oven and the bread bakers wait an hour or so for the temperature to lower to 500F. The Pan de Luna bread bakes for 20 minutes.

Pan de Luna provides site preparation, pizza dough, fire in the oven, baking, cleaning, tools and supplies in the kitchen, dining area, and bathroom. If you wish to support us, tips are appreciated.

It is the jungle, so you may want to wear pants and bring repellant for use after the cenote.
Your dog is not really welcome here, but if you must bring your dog, it is your responsibility to keep it on a leash and make sure it does not detract from the tranquility. My dogs think of this as an intrusion though, and are quite vocal about it. Same thing with kids, except the leash is not required.

Pan de Luna Bread - popular and versatile

It is made by hand using a slow local process with high quality ingredients: all purpose flour, sourdough, water, salt, with dark rye flour, cranberry, and seeds of sunflower, amaranth, sesame, flax, squash, and caraway. It is baked in a wood fired oven.

Orders received before Friday may be confirmed and added to the small weekly list if space is available. Finished bread is ready to pick up Monday morning. Visits must be scheduled in advance for my availability and for notification of your access to Sacbe.